The Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange provides a way for medical practitioners to share vital health information—no matter where patients receive care, since patients rarely receive 100% of their care from a single physician or health system. This complex site includes both patient and provider/payer portals, resources for both categories of site visitors, and a calming, inclusive look and feel with heartwarming images.

Project Details:

  • Responsive Website Design for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

  • Custom Template

  • Custom Colors & Fonts

  • WordPress Content Management System

About this organization:

The GNOHIE, short for the Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange, securely stores your medical records electronically so that physicians and hospitals who belong to the GNOHIE can access your health information and securely share it with each other for purposes permitted under HIPAA.   Patients don’t have to remember the details of every encounter and spend time filling out the same paperwork again and again, and doctors can see your previous laboratory tests, imaging studies, and procedure notes so they do not have to order repeat diagnostics. Participating in the GNOHIE is free to all patients because your involvement improves the quality of care and reduces healthcare costs for everyone in the community.